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05/20/13 09:33 AM #125    


Kip Clark

Jon--Yes, there is talk of a 35-year class reunion next year. We have a preliminary committee organized, and we had our first meeting a few weeks ago. We hope to have an announcement soon. Right now, we are just checking out possible venues. Are you interested in helping?

08/16/13 08:39 AM #126    

Barton Woolf

     I received the announcement about the upcoming 35th Class Reunion recently and I have to admit that I am very excited.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you once again to renew our friendships and catch up on everyone's lives. 

     As time is slipping by ever faster it seems, I find that I have more gratitude for those individuals that have crossed my path especially from my youth transitioning into adulthood.  The memories of those whom I associated with and are currently enjoying become treasured moments that will always be priceless. Thanks so much Kip for keeping this site running so that we all can keep updated and in touch no matter how far the distance may separate everyone.

08/19/13 07:52 PM #127    


Kip Clark

Hi Barton,

I'm happy to hear that you are looking forward to the reunion next year. I am too, and I hope to see you there. Also, I'm glad you like the website. I didn't create it; I just maintain it. But I agree that it is a good way for people to keep in touch. If only we can get everyone registered, that will be a big help. So if you see anyone on the Missing Classmates list who you know, tell them about the site and have them create a profile, however brief.



01/11/14 09:34 PM #128    


Craig Matthews

I am curious if it is possible to put a facebook link on our profiles that would take people to our page.

02/02/14 09:20 AM #129    


Kip Clark

Hi Craig,

Sorry for the slow response to your question. It fell through the cracks, I guess, I just saw your message as I was looking at the site and forgot that you had sent it earlier.

Anyway, I don't know if it's possible to link to your Facebook page or not. I'm not the most technically savvy person in the world. So why don't you ask around and see if you can find an answer? I will do the same on my end. And if either of us figures it out, we can post it on the message forum.

Thanks, Craig.


04/10/14 11:52 AM #130    


Craig Matthews

Do you have to try and lose some weight to attend the reunion, or can we just come as we are? Just wondering.

04/22/14 11:09 PM #131    


Kip Clark

Come as you are, of course!

05/17/14 03:52 PM #132    

Scott Gunther

I just spent this weekend up near the zermatt, I dropped in to check it out. What a beautiful place, it should be a great time and place to hang out with classmates. Be there, do not miss out!!!

06/06/14 06:23 AM #133    


Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

So excited we were able to find flights to come to the reunion.  Expecting to see you all there!!!  Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen!  See you soon!  Carolee

07/05/14 10:46 PM #134    


Jon Thurman

Thanks to the reunion committee for a job well done. Always good to see you Randy!

07/06/14 06:35 AM #135    

Donald Peay

Fellow PHS class of 79


what a fun night to see so many great people we grew up with that helped shape our lives.  thanks to Kip, Janet, Bill, Neil, Scott, Kathy, and all who pit in a lot of time and effort, very well done.

A  few  items, moving forward:

1.  We need a network page to help our kids find jobs or investigate careers and options.   Our daughter has thought of the medical industry, or the travel industry, and Robin and Lauri had some great insight for us on that and offered more help if needed.  Many classmates like this idea.   David and Karalee. Met calf offered some ideas on spring baseball in AZ!

2.  I spoke with a few more classmates who are willing to step up, and for the 40 th bash, it would be really fun to be able to go to Sundance, or Zermatt, and get rooms paid for, plus the venue and dinner  and have a two day and two night bash.  Work in some entertainment, or sports events.   It might be interesting to bring in some entertainment for the non PHS spouses, while classmates are catching up.  Have the event completely paid for, so everyone can come at no cost, other than their travel

3.  Perhaps coordinate with Timpview, and the second evening is a joint party with Timpview

For many years, I lived life cautiously, wishing I could a, would a, should a.  The last several it has been more of, if tormoorow never comes, have no regrets!   That is the road less travelled, and it is worth every step.  It will be fun to get 75 percent of our classmates to the event, and make it worth the effort to travel. Doug Westphall, start making those plans to get up here from Miami, Randy and Mellissa, Europe is only 11 hours of fluting away, Trevan and Sondra, everything is bigger and better in Texas, but our Utah mountains.

Someone, set the date for 2019, and let's have a big party!






07/06/14 07:01 AM #136    

Donald Peay

Extra ordinary people

it was also interesting to hear of some incredible lives lived by our classmates.  Went all through a Sunset View elementary, Dixon and PHS with Duane Woolsey, a great person who didn't have it easy.  It didn't surprise me that he served our country, or donated his kidney to his brother, but is was nice to know some of the things Duane had done, shared by a classmate.  and Duane, next time you need to be there so we can honor your personally.  I know through family that Marry Ellen Larsen has helped so many her whole life, it was fun to sit at your table ME.  Keep up the good work!   This was a nice touch to the reunion as well.  And for those who missed it, Mike Marshall put an excellent presentation on all those who have served our great country, thanks to those who serve, and thanks mike! a well done slide show!

07/06/14 08:41 AM #137    

Scott Gunther

WOW!! So fun to see everyone again and visit!! We have a special group!! Take care everyone and best wishes to all of you!!

07/06/14 12:01 PM #138    


Tonya Carter (Hamby)

Thank you to everyone that made our 35th reunion great.  I had a great time.  i sure wish more people would of came. This class always has our reunions at the best places.  when i tell people where our reunion is going to be held, they cant beleive it.  Theirs are mostly held in their school gym.

Don Peay, thanks for mentioning me and my sons.  It is awesome having sons that love this country enough to volenteer to protect it.  It really made me feel good.  This is the best class to ever come out of provo high!

I loved that you honored all of the people that have served our country..!

07/06/14 12:49 PM #139    


Tonya Carter (Hamby)


07/06/14 06:19 PM #140    

Michael Marshall

Well, as far as I am concerned, our little get together at Zermatt was a hit. It seems we all had a great time reacquainting with old friends and having an excellent dinner and entertainment. I want to thank everyone that came and my only regret is not being able to spend more time with more of you.
I have to be honest and say I did not expect the response that was received for the Military tribute presentation, but I was very touched by the standing ovation to all who served in the military. I tried to honor the service members we went to school with and acknowledge all that have served in our Armed Forces and by the response, I honored them proudly. Thank you for the warm and wonderful acknowledgment.

07/06/14 09:57 PM #141    

Jeff Goates

A big thank you to all of the folks who worked so hard to put this wonderful evening together.  Brenda and I had a fantastic time catching up with old friends and making some new ones.  I'm sorry I waited 35 years to finally go to my first high school reunion.  Well worth the effort. 

07/06/14 11:14 PM #142    


Anita Barney (Stansfield)

I echo many of the sentiments posted about last nights's reunion and add my own expression of gratitude to all the great efforts of the committee, and also to everyone who made an effort to attend. It seemed like every hug or hello just filled my spirit. Our common history gives us something great to celebrate together. It also seems that the 35 years we've lived since high school have given us all even more in common. No matter where our different paths have taken us, we've all lived lots of real life now, and it's so wonderful to visit and share our joys and struggles. I only wish conversations could have lasted longer, and I would like to encourage everyone, myself included, to make more effort to keep profiles updated and keep conversations going via email or other avenues. Take good care, everyone, and may God bless you all! See you in five years!

07/07/14 11:26 AM #143    

Jearlene Leishman

Thanks to all those on the committee, those that donated, and anyone that contributed to a great evening.  Thanks for all your work.  It was a success. 

07/07/14 01:35 PM #144    

Todd Horsley



Good to see everyone the other evening.  Great job by the committee to get this organized.  Unfortunately I was unable to talk to as many as I would have liked which brings up the reason for writing this. 


So this is kind of a running joke about how we usually see people we haven't seen in a while and tell each other, hey let's get together sometime and do something, but then we never do.  So with that in mind and using it as a background theme for a lot of our conversations after pictures were taken, we kept saying, "Party at Carolee's House!".  So instead of of it being like so many new year's resolutions, Carolee has indeed decided to have a party at her house (where she grew up in oak hills).  If you're still in town, or close by, the get together is planned for Tuesday night, 7/8, from 7-10 pm.  It's a little sudden but if you can make it it would be great to see you again.  Afterwards we're toilet papering the high school.  Contact Carolee for details because if you ask my wife, I'm not that responsible.

07/07/14 07:02 PM #145    


Janet Melville (Hatch)

I would like to add a note as well!  what a fun evening the reunion was.  I loved watching so many of you reconnecting. It was wonderful to see friends reuniting through hugs, high 5's and slaps on the back.  I was so happy to see you all as well, just wish I could have spent a few more minutes with each of you.   I know these situations can often be akward and intimidating, but after the first few minutes those feelings seemed to melt away.  It was so fun to put our "older faces" with names and yearbook pics. Thanks to Scotty G for those awesome mementos! I think Pete Christensen wins the prize for the person that truly hasn't changed a bit!  Pretty sure his picture today would look exactly like his photo 35 years ago!

You are truly a group that is one in a million!  Thanks for the memories old and New.  Looking forward to seeing many of you soon, and for sure in 5 years.

Thanks to all the commitee for the hard work, many hours spent, and helping make it the Magical evening it turned out to be!  The tribuits were fantastic, the M.C.'s Fun, and the venue perfect! Thanks to all of you for making the effort to attend!  It wouldn't have been the same without you there!

Janet Melville Hatch


07/08/14 08:13 AM #146    


Shaunna Hindmarsh (George)

Ditto.  I almost chickened out of attending--so very glad I didn't!  My spirits were lifted by mingling with all of you.  Many thanks for the hours and hours of creative effort and just plain hard work in preparation for that wonderful event.  Definitely a happy memory in my book.

07/09/14 06:58 PM #147    

Chyleen Carter (Nielsen)

Thank you all for a great evening. The committee did a great job. All your hard work was well worth it. Those who couldn't make it, missed out. I look forward to seeing you all in five years from now.

12/03/15 10:06 PM #148    

Tami Day (Phillips)

Merry Christmas friends! I would like to invite you to a Christmas concert I will be playing in--"Rejoice", by Millennial Choirs and Orchestras, Dec 14, 7:30 pm, Abravanel Hall. Check out the group at, or on youtube or facebook, get tickets from Have a beautiful Christmas season. Tami (Day) Phillips

09/11/18 08:09 AM #149    

Todd Satterfield

Happy Birthday to all "us" 9/11'a!!!

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