PHS 30 Year Reunion Photos

Reunion Dinner at Sundance (July 2009)

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Janet Melville (left of table) and Stephen Richards (right of table)

Kip Clark and Allen Miner

Seth Myer, Neil Skousen, and Nha Nguyen

Elaine Wright, Rick Evans, and Juanita Stubbs Bushman


Lisa Wardle Hoswell (caught in front of the camera, instead of on the other side)

Don Peay

Monnette Porter Magleby and Carolee Wilkinson Adams

Kathleen Felt Covey and Janet Melville Hatch


Is this Todd Horsley or Stevie Wonder?

Glen Bowen, Janet Melville Hatch, Kathleen Felt Covey


Gina Harmon Jensen (Chris Visick behind)


Kurt Kragthorpe and Kathleen Felt Covey

Diane Bird Wilbur

Jearlene Leishman and Shaunna Hindmarsh George

Lisa Mower Bardsley, Mary Giles Hamilton, Liz Miller, and Mary Ellen Larsen

Robert Wilson with with Laura Wilkinsen Wilson (Provo High graduate)

Sharlyn West Hall , Denise Kendall Stringfellow, (husband) Dave Stringfellow

Kip Clark

Ron Selck and Rick Evans

Kurt Kragthorpe, Darwin Dobson and Todd Horsley

Dave Metcalf and Karalee Nelson Metcalf

Gina Harmon Jensen

Gary Barton, Jennifer Hillam Barton, Elizabeth Ellsworth Riplinger, Hilton Riplinger (Provo High Class of '78)

Jennifer Hillam Barton, Elizabeth Ellsworth Riplinger, Anita Barney Stansfield, Donna Beddard Roe, Karalee Nelson Metcalf

Row behind: Mary Giles Hamilton, ___________, Rick Evans

Byron Aikin, Weston Pace, Harold Scott

Julie Pyne Francis and Barbara Frase Craghead

Laura Baum Borget, Chyleen Carter Nielsen, Janet Melville Hatch

Trevan MacArthur, Boyd Brady (Sandra's husband), and Sandra Jacobsen Brady

Dave Stringfellow, Denise Kendall Stringfellow, and John Horn

Bill Petersen and Elaine Wright

Susan Peay and Don Peay

Vicki Young Nunes, Rick Nunes, _________________

Kim Dang and Nha Nguyen

Timpview crew at the Provo High Reunion: Dave Metcalf, Nathan Anderson, Bryan Chapman, and David Harris.  Bryan and Nathan took most of the pictures on this website so the the Provo folks could mingle.

Tonya Carter Hamby, Cindy Crabbe Alldredge, Jeff Alldredge

Lisa Hutchings, Brice Hutchings, Todd Horsley, and Sarah Horsley

Scott Cherry, Brad McKinnon, Sherry Rowe McKinnon, Susan Morrell Cherry

Allen Miner, Glen Bowen, Karl Snow

Nancy Olsen Higgins, Tami Day Phillips, Bill Petersen, Carolee Wilkinson Adams, JoLyn Cannon Oliver

Debbie Christensen, Kelly Christensen, Annalee Mildenhall Rowley, Tracy Dunford, Janet Dunford

Kathy Buckner Rowe, Kristine Carter Millett, DeNai Naegle Simmons

Karen Atkin Carlile and Krista Clark

Kurt Kragthorpe, Shaunna Hindmarsh George, Jearlene Leishman

Eugene Paulsen, Don Peay, Janet Melville Hatch, Trevan MacArthur and Scott Killian

Calvin Petersen, Shauna Olsen Petersen, Pam Captain Hawes

Tina Myer and Seth Myer

Julie Pyne Francis, Nancy Olsen Higgins, Shaunna Hindmarsh George, Jana Hatch Brown, Jearlene Leishman

Neil Skousen, Laina Norman, Craig Norman

Tami Day Philips, Kathy Coleman Hopkins, Jana Hatch Brown, JoLyn Canon Oliver, Karalee Nelson Metcalf

Kathleen Felt Covey, Clay Chandler, Jennifer Hillam Barton

Lane Philips (Provo High Class of 1978) and Chris Visick

Gordon Hofheins and John Horn

Russ Anderson, Laury Jensen Anderson, Kip Clark

Kathleen Felt Covey, Laury Jensen Anderson, Janet Melville Hatch - wearing the reunion planning committee, "matching" outfits.

Todd Horsley and John Horn

Pam Keifer Barrus, Alan Jackman, LaDawn Hood Bollinger, and Patty Haupt Peterson


Nkki Pino and JoLyn Canon Oliver

Boyd Christensen, Natalie Parkinson Christensen, Kathleen Felt Covey, John Covey, Sherry Knaphus Goaslind, Mark Goaslind

Kip Clark, Rick Evans and others playing Bocce ball


Nikki Pino, Nha Nguyen and family


Carolee Wilkinson Adams, Monette Porter Magleby, Shelly Jackman Pulver and Cindy Quinn Westoby. Former Provo and Timpview Cheerleaders dancing with the kids.


Tamme Webb Henry (Timpview grad), David Harris, Kip Clark, Joe Stanford, Kathleen Barnett Stanford.


Robert Wilson and David Harris