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07/09/14 06:58 PM #147    

Chyleen Carter (Nielsen)

Thank you all for a great evening. The committee did a great job. All your hard work was well worth it. Those who couldn't make it, missed out. I look forward to seeing you all in five years from now.

12/03/15 10:06 PM #148    

Tami Day (Phillips)

Merry Christmas friends! I would like to invite you to a Christmas concert I will be playing in--"Rejoice", by Millennial Choirs and Orchestras, Dec 14, 7:30 pm, Abravanel Hall. Check out the group at, or on youtube or facebook, get tickets from Have a beautiful Christmas season. Tami (Day) Phillips

09/11/18 08:09 AM #149    

Todd Satterfield

Happy Birthday to all "us" 9/11'a!!!

03/10/19 10:59 AM #150    

Todd Satterfield

A good portion of my friends got split up our senior year and graduated at timpview. Any chance those folks were given Ann invite? If not, let's do it !!!!

03/10/19 01:13 PM #151    


Kip Clark


A few things in response to your comment. First, if you look at the bottom of our list of class profiles, there are about 60 guest members, many of them Timpview alums. So they are notified when announcements are put up on the website, and they get the same emails you do. Second, our Timpview friends are invited to our reunion as long as they purchase a ticket in advance, and the same is true of Provo alums who would like to attend Timpview's reunion. So if that is of interest to you, I would encourage you to sign up as a guest on Timpview's website ( And finally, there has been talk of perhaps doing some kind of joint event like we did ten years ago. Did you go the joint picnic at Rock Canyon Park? However, there would need to be people willing to step up to work on it. Our committee has enough to do with just our reunion, but if you and others would would take the lead, I'm sure there would be interest. And I don't think you'd need to be local to organize an event like that. So let me know if that is something you'd be willing to do, and I'll pass your name on to the Timpview reunion planners.

05/02/19 12:11 PM #152    


Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

Just booked my flight from Boston to SLC!  Hope you all are registered for the 40th reunion because I want to hang out with each of you!  We've all had 40 years of life lessons and I'm the first to admit I have had my fair share of the school of hard knocks!  Just know that I am so grateful for the friendships this school has connected me with.  From high school friendships to wonderful connections later in life,  I feel like I struck the Lottery to grow up in an area surrounded by epic classmates!  Hope you all will make the effort to come! See you July 6th!  

Hugs to all, Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

05/02/19 03:48 PM #153    


Kip Clark

Thanks, Carolee! It will be so great to see you and everyone else. And I second your acknowlegement that we have amazing classmates! So please come, everyone!

05/07/19 01:30 PM #154    

Jearlene Leishman

Just wanted to give a shout out to the committee that planned the 20th reunion and created this website.  In high school Glen Bowen and I weren't what you'd call friends.  Acqaintenances is more accurate.  Due to a common memory of a humiliating experience in Physiology senior year, (I'm looking at you, Dave Collins) we connected through the website and at the reunion.  (Can I just say that Glen is hilarious in his writing and in person.)  A few years after that I was diagnosed with melanoma and reached out to ask Glen a question.  He immediately called me, explained the procedure I needed to have, got me scheduled with the surgeon, and figuratively held my hand throughout the process.  This was an especially stressful time in my life as it was just a few months before my mother passed away from a debilitating disease.  Glen was, and continues to be, a real blessing in my life.  I would have missed that blessing if not for the website and the reunion.  So, a big thank you to them and him.

There were a lot of cliques in high school, but at that 20th reunion, and each one since, there has always been such a warm and welcoming feeling at the reunions.  We truly were blessed to go to school with wonderful people.  Thanks to the committees that have made them happen.

05/07/19 03:12 PM #155    


Kip Clark

That's very kind, Jearlene. And I agee that Glen is awesome! We've been best friends since elementary school. He has a great sense of humor and he's been a terrific friend. I hope you'll make it to the reunion this year and that you'll register ASAP. We could have a supreme court reunion. ;-)

05/08/19 02:31 PM #156    

Scott Woolley

Thanks Jearlene for sharing.  I remember Glen as a very kind, thoughtful, and funny guy. Reading your post has motivated me to come to the reunion. We have so many wonderful people in our class.  I hope I can make it work to be there.  Thanks to all who are making this happen!

05/08/19 02:56 PM #157    


Kip Clark

Hey Scott! Please do come if you can. It would be great to see you! :-)

05/17/19 10:03 AM #158    


Brice Hutchings

Kenneth Hafen and wife...Rest in peace :(  

07/07/19 08:17 AM #159    


Alan Jackman

Thanks everyone for a great reunion last night! That was a blast! 

07/07/19 01:39 PM #160    


Kip Clark

I second what Alan said. I think this was one of our best reunions yet. Great venue, decorations, displays, program, activities, food, etc. Thanks to those who generously doanted money, resources, time, talent, energy, and enthusiasm. Thanks especially to the committee who made the whole event possible. And finally, thanks to all of you who came and talked, relaxed, joked, danced, made others feel welcome, and had a good time. We love you all!

07/07/19 10:52 PM #161    


Shaunna Hindmarsh (George)

Indeed! A big thanks to Jearlene and Kip for the encouragement to come, and thank you to the reunion crew for the time, planning, and reaching out. It was a delightful evening. It was good to sit among fellow Bulldogs and renew and kindle friendships. (And yay Table 10--we were lucky enough to snag the win in Kip's 1979 trivia game!) Again, thanks for the smiles, fun, and memories. Bulldogs forever!

07/08/19 02:07 PM #162    

Jearlene Leishman

A big thank you to all those on the committee and those that volunteered their time and efforts.  The reunion was a big success.  I appreciate your efforts to make it possible to see old (in both senses of the word) classmates. We are blessed to have attended school with wonderful people.

07/10/19 07:16 PM #163    


Nha Nguyen

A big THANK YOU to all. It was wonderful to see old friends and to meet new ones. Thank Tonya for a big hug😍. Although I don’t know if it was for me or for Gse Ping LiuπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

07/11/19 10:36 AM #164    


Tonya Carter (Hamby)

Nha nguyen. It was good to see you again
And of course the hug was for you. So glad you made the trip and made it home safely. See you in 5 years

07/11/19 02:09 PM #165    

Kurt Kragthorpe

I'd like to add my thanks to the committee as well. I know how much sacrifice of time and effort went into making it all hapen. 

03/22/20 08:57 AM #166    

Scott Gunther

Hello classmates, this is a very challenging and trying times that we are in right now. reach out to classmates that might need encouragement and help of any kind,  spread your love around. I hope everyone is doing OK and we will get through this.

03/22/20 09:11 AM #167    

Scott Gunther

Classmate, just one more thing, the last  reunion was fantastic thanks for everyone who attended and especially all the hard work planning the event, hang in there everybody, Lets all of us kick this virus in the butt and get through these strange times. Over and out.. Scotty G.

03/22/20 12:25 PM #168    


Kip Clark

Great to hear from you, Scott! Stay safe, everyone.

03/24/20 07:22 AM #169    


Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

It has been challenging but very insightful.  I’m finding time to play and enjoy family as we create new ways to keep in touch.  It’s a time to be still and be grateful for the little things we have and the amazing people that have surrounded us in our lives.  I appreciate the treasured friendships of my childhood friends and the incredible people they have become!  I am so grateful for the influence so many of my classmates had in my life and look forward to the day when hugs are welcome and friendships are reunited.  Life has a way of helping us remember what is most important.

03/24/20 12:24 PM #170    

Nikki Pino


08/27/20 07:44 PM #171    


Brice Hutchings

Happy birthday Nikki, you old man :)


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