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Margie Buckley

Margie Buckley

Grace Marguerite Buckley, age 57, passed away Nov. 19, 2018, in St. George, Utah.

Margie grew up in Idaho Falls until junior high. Then she moved to Oak Hills in Provo, Utah. She graduated from PHS and worked at Burrelle's Press Clipping as a transcriptionist. She also worked at UVU as a secretary in the financial aid department. She married Don Harvey in the Salt Lake Temple on Dec. 2, 1984. She had two children, Matthew Noel Harvey and Candace Dawn Harvey. At the age of 30, she suffered a brain stem stroke and was a quadriplegic for 27 years. Her devoted parents and family helped Margie throughout her life. She loved the Utah Jazz and never missed a game on TV. She was their most loyal fan! She collected Lucille Ball memorabilia and loved "I Love Lucy."

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01/27/19 08:17 AM #1    

Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)


I was lucky enough to know Margie.  She lived in my ward for several years.  When she was 30 she began her fight as a quadriplegic.  Her parents went to great length to keep her muscles from weakening and continued to find ways to help her communicate and live life to the fullest.  Her husband left her and battles continued with divorce, lawsuits reguarding the medication that caused her brain bleed.  She was a fighter and spent a lot of years convincing the courts she could care for her children.  Her parents were the most dedicated parents I have ever witnessed.  Every chance I got to see Margie she taught me so much!  She was brilliant yet her body didn’t always cooperate.  She had some amazing ways to communicate!  She could point 1/2/3 finger that would let one know where to begin in the alphabet.  1/ started with a-h... one would begin going through the alphabet and she would blink when one got to the letter she was trying to spell out!  It took time for this to happen but she was quick and very patient especially with someone like me!  I loved spending time with her.  When her mom and dad decided the warmer climate would be better for Margie they moved to St George.  Margie had her own place next to her parents.  Her children spent a lot of time with Margie!  I was able to visit her in St George and felt a deep bond to Margie!  She was a woman who never gave up.  She later received a speaking computer that allowed her to program responses.  She had a calling in church to introduce the Sunday lessons.  Her computer would communicate what she was willing to say!  It was amazing!  On a personal note, Margie taught me how to communicate with others who had difficulty communicating or speaking.  My sister-in-law was in the hospital and her body wasn’t cooperating.  I could look into her eyes and ask her questions and her eyes could blink the answers.  We could communicate without speaking.  I also gravitate to those in wheelchairs.  I think of Margie every time.  I bend down to eye level and speak to each person rather than the caregivers. I have had rich friendships develop as a result!  Her parents contacted me when Margie passed away!  A little part of me died with her.  So grateful I was lucky enough to know her not only in high school but throughout her journey in life!  We are all connected to the Class of 1979! We are all part of an amazing history that has shaped us into the people we are today! 



03/04/19 06:36 AM #2    

Wayne Fagg

What a story--I had no idea and wonder who else among us suffers in relative anonymity. What a good example of true friendships and love you are Carolee.

06/24/19 07:59 PM #3    

Krista Clark

We owe our annual girl friends trips to Margie. She, Kathy Meacham (Vorwaller), Sandra Manning (Koon) and I spent a lot of time together during high school. We would get together and visit when we could after our PHS years. Our first trips were to visit her in St. George where she lived after her stroke. We miss her and have fond memories of our time together.

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