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•   Sandra Manning (Koon)  2/21
•   Seth Myer  2/19
•   David Pace  2/9
•   Scott Gunther  2/9
•   Jearlene Leishman  1/22
•   John Barton (Barton)  1/18
•   Leslie Eddington (Tanner)  1/17
•   Lisa Blair (Sabey)  1/16
•   Cindy Crabbe (Alldredge)  1/16
•   Celya LeFevre (Singleton)  1/10
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

6 live in Arizona
11 live in California
9 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
3 live in Georgia
3 live in Idaho
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
3 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
2 live in Montana
2 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Dakota
2 live in Texas
168 live in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
6 live in Washington
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Alberta
2 live in Germany
1 lives in Hong Kong
1 lives in Japan
83 location unknown
39 are deceased



Percentage of Joined Classmates: 68.4%

A:   223   Joined
B:   103   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

Top 10 reasons to come to the Class of ’79 45 Year Reunion

  1. There will never be another 45 year reunion for our class. This is the only one we’re planning.
  2. We can’t have a legitimate reunion without legitimate re-uniters.
  3. You’ll need some time to recover from the raucous fireworks and rowdy country music of the Stadium of Fire.
  4. We can celebrate both our graduation from Provo High AND the 8-year anniversary of the release of Pokemon Go on the same night, effectively killing two birds with one stone.
  5. See whether or not Nikki Pino will come dressed in a pink tutu for old time’s sake.
  6. Midway needs something besides Swiss Days to boost its economy.
  7. After 45 years since our graduation from Provo High, we are all at our physical, intellectual, and emotional peak. That’s what we can tell ourselves.
  8. You will feel horrible personal guilt if you don’t wish Janet Hatch happy birthday in person on her actual birthday.
  9. Show everyone that you are indeed the person most likely in the class to become a professional motivational speaker by grabbing the microphone during the reunion and giving an inspiring motivational speech.
  10. We miss you and want to see you. Plus it will be fun!


Do you remember?


And now, an important message from our class president and his minions.

You will be able to see additional videos on YouTube and on Facebook as they are released.


More details to come, but plan to be there, plan to encourage other alums to come, and plan to help us find some of our missing former classmates that we haven't been able to locate yet. Let's get everyone signed on on this website so that everyone will know what is happening and so that it is easier for us to stay in touch.

Group Picture for the 40 Year Reunion

Click on the group photo to enlarge


40th Reunion slideshow with videos



Combined Breakfast slideshow

Video memorial - 40th reunion - honoring members of the Class of '79 who have passed on. 

Thank you Bryan Chapman for creating this video!



Robert Burr  2/24
Doug Westphal  2/25
Robert Wilson  2/25
Bryan Chapman  3/2
Chris Elder  3/3
Kelly Sue Laursen  3/3
Douglas Slade  3/8
Tracy Dunford  3/9
Frank Stubbs  3/9
Lance Douglas  3/15
Craig Norman  3/21