In Memory

Michael Rigtrup

Michael Rigtrup

Born January 30, 1961. Passed away August 15, 1992.

Buired in Springville City Cemetery.


Mike died on August 15th 1992, at the point of the mountain. He and a friend were both killed in the accident. His truck rolled and both passengers were ejected. He is survived in part by his son Benjamin Michael Rigtrup, born in 1991. Mike was a beautiful man. We miss him dearly. He enjoyed life to the fullest. He did walk without a limp at the end of his life and I am certain he could have ran:). He was a great friend, husband and father. 

- Treila Forrest

Special research thanks to Don Shelley


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03/10/09 07:02 PM #1    

Liz Miller

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Mike. Way too many good times. He was Taken way too soon. I miss your smile, your laugh, and the way you could always make me feel like there was hope. I miss you, I love you and I always will.

03/19/09 09:48 PM #2    

Donald Peay


what happened to Mike ?

he was so DANG fast in grade school, smart to ?

03/20/09 08:56 PM #3    

Kelly Leftwich

To all who wonder what happened to Mike, Mike lost control of his vehicle on the freeway, between Orem and American fork,He lost his life in the accident.I am not sure of exact date, but it was close to twenty years ago. Mike at the time was a house siding contractor. He was married and lived in American fork.I think he had a daughter, not a 100% sure. To Don Peay.Yah he was fast,I can still remember the sound of his feet slapping the ground in his black converse when he was running...True. Mike was a cable TV cable splicer, before becoming a house siding contractor.He was climbing a telephone pole with climbing gear when the pole broke, slamming him into the ground. Breaking several bones, and shattering his legs. His running days were over after that. He walked with a severe limp.Back in the day I used to see Mike fairly often. So this information is what I remember.

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