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Kristin Knudsen

Kristin Knudsen

Kristin passed away on April 11, 1996 at the age of 36. She is interred in the Provo City Cemetery. If you have any additional information, please pass it on.


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02/04/09 06:08 AM #1    

Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

Kristin was fun to be with. She had pool parties, and drove her car (barely able to see above the dashboard). She got out of more speeding tickets than anyone I knew. I even tried her same approach on a police officer and ended up with a ticket. She had the gift!

She had the smallest feet and finding cheer shoes to fit seemed to be a challenge. I remember when we were at a cheer camp in Logan. All the other teams weren't allowed to have the kitchen area open except us. Kristin had to have a fridge because she was diabetic.....we were so excited because we crammed the fridge with goodies and had our own hang out area! We always seemed to get away with things when Kristin was around:)

I also remember a time we went toilet papering. We were on the same street where Kristin lived and a bunch of us including Kristin had a case of T.P. to decorate with. WE were having the best time throwing the rolls up in the huge trees of a nearby home when suddenly Kristin's mom started yelling across the street that she was going to call the cops....well as soon as Kristin said, "Shhhh, mom it's me," then Kristin's mom said, "Oh that's alright, have a good time." It was so funny!

After H.S. the cheerleaders would try to get together once a year in December to have lunch. For years we met and I remember the last time we went to lunch before Kristin passed away....the feeling in her feet was limited and it took a lot of effort to walk. Laury was by her side every step of the way. Laury and Kristin were inseparable. Their friendship throughout the years taught me a great deal about the value of true friends. When we get together periodically with the cheerleaders we can't help but miss just isn't the same without her.

02/13/09 02:00 PM #2    

David Harris

I enjoyed reading Carolee's memories of Kristin. I didn't know Kristin very well, but we were friends in the 7th grade when we both sat together at the same table in art class with Dan Radmall and Annette Stevenson. She had a magical laugh, and her smile was contagious. She was a lot of fun to be around. I had a huge crush on Kristin back then, and I've thought about her occasionally over the years.

I'd be interested in hearing a little more about Kristin's life after high school. Did she go to college? What did she study? I suppose she was too young to have had much of a career in those few short years. Did she marry? Did she have any kids?

I've often heard it said that the junior-high years are an awkward time in life that most people would prefer to forget, but I have many fond memories of those years at Farrer Junior High, and Kristin is an important one.

02/18/09 11:50 PM #3    

David Lamb

When I found out that Kristin was going to get a kidney trasplantI tried to talk her and her parents in going to lds hospital and have a kidney pancresae transplant.I told them that was what I had in 1991 andwas doing good I think they were talkingabout it. Itook some info about it to the house the day she passed away I remember getting in to car chases with her that was some good times Dave Lamb

05/11/09 08:20 PM #4    

Robyn McKendrick (Brimhall)

Kristin and I were friends in jr high and high school. We got to be really good friends our senior year when we were both involved with cheerleading. We were ski buddies in jr high also. She was always full of fun. Her brother, Brent was our taxi service for a while and then when she got her license her parents spoiled her with her very own firebird. We went everywhere in that car. We got in alot of chases and we're pulled over for speeding every now and then. She would just sweet talk the cops and never get a ticket. We would laugh and laugh every time she got that look on her face. She was alot of fun to have on the cheer squad. We had to practice a fair amount because it was all new to her and she would make us do it over and over and over. We always teased her in a nice way about her baby size feet and hands. She was quite talented when it came to art. I cherish my memories of her and am so glad we were such good friends throughout our school years. It was fun being her friend.

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