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Tracy Dean (Trujillo)

Tracy Dean (Trujillo)

Tracy Dean Trujillo:  Born 28 October 1961 Provo, Utah, Utah.

Died 18 April 1988 Provo, Utah, Utah. She is buried next to her brother Curtis in the Provo City.


Thanks to Don Shelley for research on members of the class who have passed away.





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03/10/09 12:26 AM #1    

David Lamb

remember her always being so nice to me I had a crush on her and robyn back in jr high may you always rest in peace tracy love ya dave

03/17/09 09:17 PM #2    

Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

As I was looking through my yearbook I came across this article:
Tracy Dean Trujillo, 26, died April 18,1988 of cancer. She was born Oct. 28, 1961 in Merced, California, daughter of Richard J. & Janice Kimball Dean. She married Carol Martin Trujillo Sept. 5, 1986, in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.

She spent her early years in California....she also attended Farrer Junior High, Provo High School and BYU. She was active in in student government, a majorette in the PHS band and was a member of the Drill team. She was a member of the LDS church and served a mission to Rome, Italy from January 1984-Aug.1985.

....While attending BYU she attended a semester abroad in Jerusalem and another in Hawaii. She was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York in 1982.

After returning from her mission she graduated from travel school. She worked at Little America Hotel and was employed with Capital City Bank at the time of death.

She enjoyed sports, especially snow skiing, water skiing and raquetball. She was proceeded in death by two brothers, Jason Kimball Dean & Richard Curtis Dean.

She is survived by her husband of Murray; one son, Nicholas Carl Trujillo.....
As I read through her accomplishments and challenges with cancer, it made me realize what great people we were all fortunate enough to be influenced by. Tracy was a great friend to those that were lucky enough to spend time with her. Whenever I think of Tracy I also think of Robyn. Fun to watch those two in action! Although I was not as fortunate to have known her like some of her closest friends....her influence and example of dedication remains! If I could tell her one thing it would be "thank you for sharing that light with the rest of us!"

03/21/09 09:29 AM #3    

Kathleen Felt (Covey)

I was blessed to have Tracy move into my ward. We grew up together and our older sisters Laura and Jessie were best friends to. Laura and Tracy's family had a boat so we would often go out to Utah Lake and go boating. They were not afraid to take the boat out and dock it and unload it etc. Those were great memories!

Tracy was always happy and a loyal friend. She started having her health problems when we were in 8th grade. She had colitis and spent a good part of the year at home sick. She always had an amazing attitude throuh her sickness and would laugh and looked at the bright side of life.

Tracy and I went to Israel on a semester abroad together. My dad was the director of the BYU group and she came as a BYU student. She had an amazing voice. I will never forget one morning we were in the Garden Tomb. A group of us were sitting and writing in our journal. Tracy stood up and spontaneously sang "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked" I have no words to explain that moment and the feelings I felt as she sang.

After her mission she married
Carl and when she was pregnant they discovered that her cancer was spreading rapidly. They felt that the pregnancy was making it progress at a quicker rate. She chose to carry her baby full term. She delivered a beautiful baby boy and passed away weeks after. Tracy was valiant in all areas of her life. She lived with a disease that could have changed her yet she chose to live life to the fullest. I will forever be grateful for her example and friendship.

04/27/09 10:52 PM #4    

Neil Skousen

After reading the above stories from our classmates and friends of Tracy, my heart is truly touched. Tracy did live an amazing life. I grew up in her neighborhood and ward when I was young. She always seemed to have a beautiful smile and a graceful personality. I had no idea of all her health challenges in jr. high and PHS or that she passed away weeks after giving birth to her only child. It just makes me grateful for what little time we have to befriend and help each other.

05/11/09 08:10 PM #5    

Robyn McKendrick (Brimhall)

Tracy and I were the best of friends from the time she moved to Utah to her death. She was the funnest person to be around and never really let anything get her down. We spent alot of time together in jr high and then in high school. She was always nice to everyone and saw the best in everybody. I have missed her so much in my life. She had her first baby at the same time I had my 2nd son and we were so excited to finally be back living close to each other with our new babies. She enjoyed her son (nicholas) for 6 wks and then passed away. I think she lived her life with no regrets. She lived it to the fullest and was a great example for me to have in my life. I still go see her parents once in a while and visit her grave every Oct 28th which was her b-day. We went on a semester abroad together in Hawaii and had a blast. Her memory will be with me forever!!!!

05/18/09 11:51 PM #6    

Glen Bowen

When we were sophomores, Tracy and co-conspirators had several of us apprehended by a policeman who threw us jail after basketball practice. As it turns out, while we were in the jail cell, Tracy and her friends were watching us on closed circuit television. Unaware of that, I came within a few milliseconds of relieving myself in the open urinal in that jail cell but this was prevented by the detective who came in and issued citations which were invitations to Girls' Preference.

I can't think of Tracy without smiling. We slid down grass hills on blocks of ice after midnight, attempted to have a picnic in a leaking rubber raft on the Provo River, and went on scavenger hunts. My jack-Mormon, blue-streak swearing Dad insisted that we have candles during a dinner at my parent's home and he tossed the match which promptly burned a hole in Tracy's dress. Most of my friends were scared poop-less of Dad but Tracy loved him in spite of the burned dress and he loved her.

Tracy was one of those very rare people who had no guile and seemed to love just about everybody regardless of their idiosyncrasies. Everyone of us who knew her are better people because of our memories of her.

01/03/11 11:24 AM #7    

Samuel F. Fletcher

Tracy was so full of life. Thank you Robyn and Kathy for sharing your experiences with her. What a tender story of self-sacrifice. I would like to have heard her sing at the Garden Tomb. Often trials bring the best that is within us to the fore. One of my favorite photos from high school is of Tracy after a group of us went tubing up Diamond Fork canyon. I'm grateful to have known her.

09/07/12 11:14 PM #8    

Craig Matthews

Lance and I used to skip Young Mens and go in with the Young Women ( Hey we weren't stupid, OK!) and sit and quilt with them. Tracy was there and we had so much fun in Young Womens ( I did mention we weren't stupid didn't I )Tracy was so much fun to be around. I also had no idea of her health issues. I never once heard her complain about it. To struggle with health issues like that and continue to just be happy and make everyone around you happier is just amazing to me. I'm a total baby if I get a simple headcold. Like her brother Curtis, she just seemed to lift those around her up. Thats the person I want to be. 

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