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Eugene Gardner

Eugene was a friend to everyone. Musically gifted, he was one of the first in our class to die from AIDS. That is how he died-but does not define how he lived or his contribution to the world during his time here.

Eugene was born January 9, 1961. He passed away on May 10, 1987

Eugene is buried in the East Lawn Cemetery in Provo, Utah.


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02/23/09 10:32 AM #1    

Carolee Wilkinson (Adams)

I have fond memories of Eugene. He was kind and extremely talented.

He lived in our ward and was always so kind to me even during my awkward years of Gradeschool & Jr. High. Mutual, Sunday activities and Youth Conferences. There were just a few girls in our ward and 3 times as many boys so some of my best friends were these boys.

Eugene was such a good person and always very sensitive. He was an incredible organist--one of the many talents he was gifted with. Times that we talked and just being around him he made me feel so important. He was someone that was easy to love because he was so accepting of others.

I too understand that it isn't what you die of that defines's that you lived a life that made a difference. His life made a difference to me! I feel very fortunate to have known him growing up. I miss him. And as I hear the organ in our ward I can't help but think of Eugene! I am sorry he had to go so soon!

02/24/09 09:27 AM #2    

David Harris

Eugene was one of those kids from Oak Hills and the tree streets that I knew way back in early elementary school and then again at Farrer but who went on to Provo High while others of us went off to TimpView. (Others were Glen Bowen, Randall Bradford, David Cannon, Quin Christensen, Katy Clark, Kip Clark, David Collins, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Janet Frandsen, Jeff Goates, Kathryn Herde, Jennifer Hillam, Gordon Hoffeins, Laury Jensen, Shauna Kocherhans, Alan LeCheminant, Trevan MacArthur, Loch Macleod, Eric Mabey, Robyn McKendrick, Karalee Nelson, Neil Skousen, Adam Stone, Chris Visick, Eric Vogel, Carolee Wilkinson, Robert Wilson, and John Zumbrennen. Suzy Garrard's name sounds familiar, too, but I just don't remember for sure where I knew her.)

It's so strange to me that we didn't run into people we knew from the Provo High crowd more often. After all, Provo isn't that big a town. As it is, I attended school in Kailua, Hawaii and Fresno, California, and the Wasatch/Farrer crowd seems as remote to my memory as the students I knew in those out-of-state schools.

I know little of Eugene's later life, including his musical talents. As a person who loves music, I feel sorry for that. I do remember a kid that smiled a lot and was always friendly.

I enjoyed reading Carolee Wilkinson's eulogy, and I agree with her that a person's life cannot be defined by a disease. In the end, your life is the sum total of all the people you touched in that special way that only you could.

If you're still out there somewhere, Eugene, I wish you a pleasant journey to an even more pleasant destination.

03/21/09 09:39 AM #3    

Kathleen Felt (Covey)

I have so many fun memories with Eugene in Acappella and High Brows. He was so talented and fun! Mr Barker was so patient because it seems that we spent a lot of time laughing and goofing of when we were suppose to be practicing.
Eugene was a great friend, and a great person!

05/05/09 05:10 PM #4    

Katy Clark (Taylor)

I have only a few pictures of myself as a child, but one of them features Eugene prominently at one of my birthday parties. He was such a good friend. When I think of him I can see that big smile with a bit of a gap between his teeth. I can say that because I have one too. I visited him at his home when he was pretty sick, I think from the drugs they were giving him to prolong his life. He always told me what he was really thinking. He didn't try to hide anything. He saw his situation very clearly. I think that is pretty unusual. I miss him.

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